Sc@n 360


Partners and Affiliations

Links have been established with 5 Statewide Partner Agencies across the Commonwealth and 5 Community Partner Agencies located in Springfield neighborhoods, providing culturally and linguistically appropriate family services to ethnically diverse families. By collaborating with SC@N 360 these partner agencies are able to expand their capacity by providing supports, resources, and assistance to families who have a family member with a disability.

 Massachusetts Statewide Partners: SC@N 360 has implemented links with 5 State Grant Partners, each of which were previously instrumental in the writing of the grant proposal and ensuring the development of the project from a deep-rooted belief to a reality, and which presently continue to work on the maintenance and future sustainability of the Center. All Statewide Partners continue to be actively engaged with SC@N 360 through regular Partner meetings, involvement on the Steering and Sustainability Committees, and donations of time and service to the Center and our families.

 Springfield Community Partners: SC@N 360 has established links with 5 Local Community Grant Partners to assist in providing intensive family support planning and case management services to families from the identified priority groups. Families are able to obtain SC@N 360 services through our Center or any of the 5 Community Partners.

Affiliations: In addition to our Community and Statewide Grant Partnerships, SC@N 360 has established linkages among a network of human service agencies in the community of Springfield and throughout Massachusetts to strengthen our commitment in helping families access information and support. Collaborative efforts are sustained through shared services, offered trainings, and information and referrals. Collaborative support ensures individuals with developmental disabilities receive culturally sensitive and multilingual assistance and comprehensive knowledge, on federal and state disability laws and practices, necessary to foster inclusion into mainstream society and enhance one’s overall quality of life.