Sc@n 360



Family Support Center

The Family Support Center is funded by the Springfield/ Westfield Area Office of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. The program provides an array of services to culturally/linguistically diverse families living in the Greater Springfield area, who have a family member who is developmentally disabledTwo girls at the Picnic, is eligible for DDS, and is referred by the Area Office. Families are in need of assistance with navigating the Social Services and disability systems. Needs of each family are assessed annually and addressed by Family Navigators as able. Staff also administer flexible funding to
identified families which can be used for respite, recreational opportunities, short term emergencies, therapeutic services, adaptive equipment, specialized nutrition, transportation, training, and other disability related costs.

Skill Builders 360

The Skill Builders 360 project was developed in 2013, as an addition to the Family Support project, to address a request from the Springfield/ Westfield area office of the Department of Developmental Services to better meet the needs of DDS eligible adults in the community who have intensive support needs, which were not being addressed by the current Family and Individual Support systems. Individuals referred by the area office receive culturally appropriate support services based on their unique needs, as assessed by the DDS Service Coordinator and Skill Builder 360 Navigator. Individuals receive intensive, twice per week home visiting services, during which the Skill Builder teaches identified skills, such as establishing routines, money management, household duties, parenting skills, transportation, and compliance with needed medical and mental health services, for example.

East African Cultural Center (EACC)

The East African Cultural Center can be found down the hall from the Sc@n 360 office. Bedel Abdukkahi Omar is the founder and director of the EACC. The East African Cultural Center was formed as a collaborative effort between The Scan 360 Family Center and the refugee community of the Greater Springfield area, especially those from the Somalia and other countries in East Africa. The Director, and his assistant, Nurto Abikar, identify families in need of assistance, particularly those with family members with developmental disabilities. Working in collaboration with the staff of Scan 360, we provide a culturally and linguistically appropriate social service system navigation, referral and support services to identified families.

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