Sc@n 360


Who We Serve

SC@N 360 assists families in the Greater Springfield area who have a family member with a developmental disability* in applying for and accessing services needed for their family. Anyone who contacts our center will receive enhanced information and referral services. Those families who meet the criteria of our outlined priority groups, are living in the Springfield, Massachusetts area, and who require more intensive services, will be assigned to a Family Navigator for the development of a Family Action Plan and more extensive short- term supports. As SC@N 360 is designed as a One Stop Family Center, Family Navigators strive to provide linkage to community services and agencies within a three month time span. 

Our Priority Groups

    • Springfield families from ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
    • Newly relocated immigrant/refugee families for whom English is not their primary language
    • Teen parents who have a child with a developmental disability
    • Parents with developmental disabilities
    • Parents who are homeless and disabled or have a child who is developmentally disabled
    • Elder caregivers/grandparents caring for a family member with a developmental disability

* Developmental Disability: By federal definition, is a severe, chronic, often lifelong disability that causes substantial limitations in several major live activities such as: 1.Self-Care; 2. Receptive and expressive language; 3.Learning; 4. Mobility; 5.Self-Direction; 6.Capacity for independent living; 7.Economic self-sufficiency. It is attributable to a mental, emotional, sensory, and/or physical impairment that is apparent before the age of twenty-two. People with developmental disabilities often need a combination of special services, support, and other assistance that is likey to continue indefinitely.

People with developmental disabilites consitute the most severely under-served population in the Commonwealth. Although the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that over 108,000 Massachusetts residents have a developmental disability and an additional 164,298 of Massachusetts school-age children are enrolled in special education services.

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